Our Mission

The Martin Richard Foundation works to advance the values of inclusion, kindness, justice and peace. We invest in community programs that broaden horizons for young people and encourage them to celebrate diversity and engage in positive civic action.

How we got started

On April 15, 2013, eight year old Martin Richard was one of three people killed while hundreds of others were injured when two bombs exploded near the Boston Marathon finish line. A photo of Martin holding a handmade sign spread across the Internet in the weeks that followed; the sign read “No More Hurting People, Peace.” Martin’s earnest commitment to peace became the impetus for the Martin Richard Foundation, founded by parents Denise and Bill in January 2014.

Since 2014, the Foundation has worked to advance Martin’s values of sportsmanship, inclusion, kindness and peace by investing in programs that encourage young people to celebrate diversity and engage as community leaders.


We are honored to be stewards of your generosity and to fund programs that address social equity in the areas of youth development, community building and adaptive and inclusive efforts. Your belief in our vision for peace, justice and kindness drives our charitable giving and philanthropic work. We remain committed to cultivating a next generation of thinkers, upstanders and peacemakers.

Our Leadership and Staff

Our Board of Directors has the fiduciary responsibility of fulfilling the Foundation’s mission. With expertise in education, youth development, public engagement, nonprofit management, and more, these individuals guide all grantmaking decisions and maintain relationships with the community organizations we support.


Denise is a former social worker, human resources manager and school librarian. She worked in long-term care for many years before joining the Massachusetts Highway Department, where she managed Benefits and Employee Programs. Her deep community connections are a result of growing up in the city and her involvement in her civic association, parish and children’s schools. Her passion for community engagement drives much of the Foundation’s initiatives. When she isn’t leading the Foundation, Denise enjoys reading, walking, cycling and spending time with friends.

Bill worked for 25 years in the environmental industry as Vice President of an environmental service company. He also served as president of his local Main Streets Board of Directors and has been an active member in his Dorchester community for twenty years. He sits on several community boards and brings these connections as well as deep business expertise to the Foundation’s capital campaigns. In his free time, Bill enjoys biking, sailing, coaching and following local sports teams.

John has worked for over 20 years as a project management consultant in the fulfillment and printing industry, where he has developed lasting relationships and a keen sense of business. As the founder and president of JVJ Solutions, John brings a measured sense of financial responsibility as well as deep understanding of staffing solutions to his work with the Foundation. John loves traveling to new destinations and attending sporting events with his kids.

Erin is vice president and project manager of a global asset management firm in Boston. She founded Salve Regina University’s volleyball program and served as head coach from 2002 to 2004. Erin brings strong organizational capacities to her work with the Foundation as well an eye for identifying partnership opportunities with community entities and a sincere interest in the successful execution of the Foundation’s mission. Erin enjoys anything related to music, loves meeting new people, and desperately wants to learn how to play piano.

Dot Joyce is a communications and public affairs professional with over 20 years experience developing and advancing impactful stories and engaging events for her clients, for government agencies and as a television journalist and producer. She offers creative guidance on the Foundation’s external relations, brand, events and strategic partnerships, leveraging her various media, corporate, philanthropic and community connections throughout the city. Dot loves spending time outdoors and will run her first marathon in 2020 with Team MR8.

Brendan brings over 20 years of investment management experience and nonprofit management expertise to the Foundation. He is currently a Partner at GoldenTree Asset Management and previously served as a member of the board of trustees for the City of Boston Retirement Systems. Brendan founded and continues to be actively involved in Project D.E.E.P. (Dorchester Educational Enrichment Program), which provides access to educational enrichment programs for underserved children. He is also the founder of Project B.I.N.D. (Boston Inclusion Network for Disabilities). Outside of his work and nonprofit commitments, Brendan is a die-hard Boston sports fan and enjoys spending time with his wife and four children.

Vicky brings nearly 20 years experience in project management and educational content development to her work at the Foundation. She is a former collegiate runner who has coached runners aged four through college. Community service has been an important part of Vicky’s life, from her time serving with City Year to present day as she volunteers with several Boston-area nonprofits. Vicky has built a broad network in the nonprofit and business community through her career and volunteer work. In her free time, she enjoys running (especially with her dog and husband), eating, watching sports and spoiling her nephews.


Led by Martin’s siblings, Henry and Jane, and comprised of his close friends, the Youth Board of Directors is a driving force behind our Bridge Builder and Challenger Sports campaigns. They model the Foundation’s belief in servant leadership and manage several community and holiday giving projects each year that address the needs of those facing homelessness in Boston and beyond.

  • Henry Richard
    Pace University, 2025
  • Jane Richard
    Thayer Academy, 2024
  • Eamon Baker
    Catholic Memorial High School, 2022
  • Mairead Baker
    Harvard University, 2024
  • Jack Burke
    BC High, 2022
  • Nolan Cleary
    BC High, 2022
  • Liley Damatin
    Worcester State University, 2024
  • Peter Datish
    University of Massachusetts, Amherst, 2025
  • Annie Jackson
    Dartmouth College, 2024
  • Joe Jackson
    Notre Dame, 2025
  • Ava O’Brien
    Thayer Academy, 2023